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Jean Dubost



Founded in 1920 by Monsieur Pierre Dubost and Madame Marcelle Colas Pradel, The Manufacture de Coutellerie Générale (The Manufacture of General Cutlery) opened its doors in Viscomtat, near Thiers, the capital of French cutlery. Initially the production was made exclusively of knives intended for professionals. The production quickly developed under the impetus of Jean Dubost, the son of the founder, who gave his name to the range of tableware and kitchen knives known worldwide. Jean Dubost, his son Philippe and now his grandson Alexandre have perpetuated a tradition of cutlery revisited by a touch of modernity. The Jean Dubost company focuses on designing, manufacturing and shaping quality kitchen knives and tableware. This transmission of the know-how and love of the knife for 4 generations without discontinuity is the guarantee of authentic products of high quality.
Jean Dubost works different materials such as wood, horn, acrylic, ABS, POM, etc… and masters the various technical stages of the work: the cutting, polishing, molding, assembly, and the sharpening… His Laguiole ranges, Jean Dubost kitchen knives (Pradel), Le Thiers, Damas or Jean Dubost Cutlery require a traditional specific knowhow for cutlery. Only qualified persons can meet this requirement.

Jean Dubosc baguettes à la française_


Innovation, design & ecology – Jean Dubost is also a dynamic company, who meets the creative challenges and strives to always follow the trends and bring a complete tableware of-fering, meeting the expectations of the markets. Innovation and design are key words in the continuous evolution of the manufacture. An important part is devoted to industrial developments, to allow the creation of totally new products within a logic of sustainable development.

The creation and the realization of innovations in terms of handles, lines and materials are all proof that Jean Dubost is in perpetual movement and dynamically turned to the future, enhancing its soon to be century old knowhow. A solidarity-oriented company, eco-responsible and respectful of sustainable development, it is another facet and choices of the company that it claims loud and clear. Sensitive of the many initiatives of Action Against Hunger (Action contre la Faim), Jean Dubost has since 2012 decided to support the charity. Anchored in a privileged natural location, the company constantly finds solutions to integrate in it in perfect harmony. The “Natura” ranges (100 % recyclable steel, knife handles and 100 % compostable and biodegradable cutlery) demonstrate the strength of its commitment and its constant concern for the preservation of our resources. Jean Dubost is the first and only PEFC certified cutler for his oak handles from sustainably managed forests and Paper’line certified for knife handles and cutting boards made from recycled paper and natural resin. 

The success of Jean Dubost across borders – The company exhibits its products at international fairs and tableware and culinary arts tradeshows, also with the help of its various partners and distributors. Thanks to this long history of globe-trotters of the French cutlery, the different Jean Dubost collections are unveiled in the most beautiful showcases, not only in France, but also internationally, in London, Amsterdam, Madrid, Brussels, New York, Montreal, Santiago, Cape Town, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul, Sydney …! A certified company – In 2012, the company Jean Dubost was awarded the EPV label, Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant, Company of the Living Patrimony, rewarding its values of tradition, innovation and the quality of its fabrication.


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